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3W.com Group is an investment holding group focusing on the development and application of global cutting-edge technologies represented by AI and Web3 technologies. It has subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and other places, and owns multiple business segments –

3W Capital

3W Capital is mainly engaged in "M&A + capital operation" related businesses. It is committed to professional M&A and deep integration of high-quality assets in the global high-tech field through multi-level methods such as strategic investment, participation in operations, and holding the helm, empowering and leading the ecosystem. Enterprises grow efficiently, move toward a more accessible capitalization path, and ultimately maximize the ecological value of the entire industry chain.

3W Technology

The 3W technology sector currently incubates two core products and brands: 3W Wallet and 3W Exchange. 3W Wallet covers the core technology product services of hybrid DID, hybrid wallet and hybrid payment. 3W Exchange is a seamless connection between Web 2 and Web 3 markets. A hybrid trading platform system covering 65,000+ asset classes on and off the global chain. 3W technology sector projects all provide services to both the C-side and B-side markets.

3W Finance

The 3W financial sector is currently accelerating its layout. 3W.com Group will focus on the innovation and application of financial technology to create a comprehensive financial service system covering global securities, futures, funds, insurance, banks, etc., and is committed to providing better services to global users through the new power of financial technology. Convenient, safer and more efficient financial service experience.

3W Club

At the same time, 3W.com Group also operates a top technology and financial theme club, 3W Club. This reservation-only private club integrates catering, entertainment, business, and leisure, which can provide customers with high-level privacy protection and satisfy cutting-edge customer groups. Personalized service needs such as parties, salons, business, and entertainment.

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Telephone:    +852 6217 0666

Email:     service@3w.com

Headquarters address:    34th Floor, China Resources Building, 26 Harbor Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Company website:    www.3W.com