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Global trust asset
management system

Basic module Trust
Management System

Core module

hybrid financial trading and
multi-asset allocation platform

3W Exchange's global one-stop multi-functional SaaS system platform takes the trust asset management system as the basic module, relies on the global trust law system, and is supported by the world's leading AI and Web3 underlying technologies. It focuses on the two aspects of trust legal relations and full asset management. From this core dimension, we create a one-stop international trust account financial system, and at the same time connect and expand to functional modules and application scenarios such as global configuration transactions, social networking, payment, consumption and entertainment, and serve all end users in an all-round and systematic platform.

By continuously iterating and upgrading each module, 3W Exchange helps the market and end users jointly build a new full-dimensional business model that is deeply consistent with the brand.

Basic module: trust management system

The trust management system is based on the global trust law system, with trust super accounts as the core, and around the two core dimensions of trust legal relationships and full asset management, creating a terminal to manage multi-level account investment transactions, asset allocation and risk control , a trust asset management system with one account covering major financial products and markets around the world. The main functions of the digital trust asset management system include:

account opening

Online application for trust account opening, KYC/AML, and opening of capital accounts and various investment transaction accounts for trust assets, custody of trust assets, and ensuring the independence and safety of trust assets.

for Trust Interests

Keep complete records of trust assets to ensure that accounting is standardized and accurate; keep trust property activity records, statements, statements and other relevant information.

property valuation

Create separate accounts for the trust assets of different trustors and perform independent valuation and accounting to ensure the accuracy of the valuation and accounting results.

Regular disclosure
of information

In accordance with laws, regulations and contractual agreements, perform information disclosure responsibilities and reporting business related to trust asset operation activities.

Trust supervision
trust investment

Check the trust property management methods, application scope, etc., and supervise whether any conduct prohibited by laws, regulations, contracts, etc. occurs during the trust property management operations.

Receipt and payment of funds and
distribution of trust benefits

Confirm and execute trust property management and utilization instructions, review and handle the delivery and liquidation of trust funds and properties, and the distribution of trust benefits, etc. Trust’s front, middle and back-end trust operation support service system

Provide end-users with comprehensive one-stop online trust services.

Personal Standard Trust Account Service Experience
trust services:

7*24 hours service

Global asset custody configuration

C to B customized service

Global deposits, withdrawals and transfers

Full trust service

of trust business:

Quick account opening
— Open an account online in 5 minutes

super function
— Safe that connects the world

Intelligent experience
— One-stop management

service categories:

family trust

insurance trust

charitable trust

testamentary trust

Equity Trust

business covers:

Complex trusts and trust formation advice

Trust and trust administration support

Provide escrow and agency services

Administrative management and backend support

Compliance services

Accounting and reporting

customer service

One-stop Internet
trust service
8 Years+

Focus on Internet trust services

5.6 Million

Cumulative number of service users

3 Big account

Including trust, account, asset service system

30 Billiom

Cumulative total custody assets

Full service
closed loop

risk assessment

Trust account opening

Customized Trust Plan

Online vertical trading

Quickly manage trust content

The principal’s and beneficiary’s accounts can be used independently

External Asset
Management (EAM)

EAM service is a professional and efficient asset management model based on the assessment of the financial needs of ultra-high net worth asset customers, entrusting assets to third-party professional managers for investment management, with the goal of achieving the highest expected benefits for customers.

Asset manager

Sign a discretionary management agreement

Sign an external asset management framework agreement

Opening accounts, custody of assets and control of assets

Core module: Hybrid Finance (HyFi) trading
and multi-asset allocation platform

3W Exchange, the hybrid trading platform of the technology sector of, can seamlessly connect users to global securities, futures, digital currencies, derivatives, banks, insurance, funds and other full financial formats and scenarios, allowing end users to use one account The system safely and compliantly allocates and trades 65,000+ asset classes on and off the global chain, improving the efficiency of global diversified mixed asset allocation.

  • Core business functions
  • Features

On-site business: Connect with broker trading systems to achieve multi-market trading and market quotation reception;

OTC business: import or interface to obtain OTC data and liquidity;

Web3 business: Layer 2, smart contracts, Web3 wallet...

Risk Control

Intraday risk monitoring: pre-event risk control, event risk control, and post-event risk control;

OTC business: import or interface to obtain OTC data and liquidity;

Intraday risk control indicator parameters: compliance risk control indicators, management risk control indicators.


Multi-market capital account management;

Visualized multi-asset unit management;

Settlement in asset unit dimension and issue settlement report.

Multiple markets integrated into one system for trading and settlement

Global: Connected to 30+ countries, 150+ exchanges, 65,000+ trading varieties, and supports MT5 trading system;

"Web2 + Web3": The only product that provides B-side financial partners with a complete end-to-end hybrid finance (HyFi) solution, connecting traditional finance (TradFi) and on-chain decentralized finance (DeFi)

Powerful compliance and risk control management functions

Covers all investment tools, including global stocks, futures, options, bonds, funds, insurance, DeFi perpetual contracts, synthetic assets and other trading categories;

Compliance: Account group self-transaction, frequent withdrawals of large amounts, abnormal order prices, account position limit, single maximum order volume limit function, support transaction workflow management;

Risk control: manage products before, during and after the event, and customize multi-level risks in account groups, capital accounts and sub-accounts. Risk control can choose to only give warnings or directly limit transactions;

Supports warehouse division logic based on various management purposes and adapts to the requirements of various traders.

Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Trading Platform-Web2 Trading

Invest globally with one account

Support various trading tools










digital currency


BATS European Trading Platform BATS Europe (BATEDE)

CHI-X Europe Ltd (Clearnet-CHI-X Europe Ltd)

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

SIX Swiss Exchange

Madrid Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Madrid)

Borsa Italiana



NYSE Archipelago (Arca-NYSE)

ArcaEdge Trading System (ArcaEdge)

BATS Exchange (BATS)

Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)

Direct Edge Exchange (Direct Edge)

Alpha Trading System (Alpha ATS)

Aequitas NEO

Mexican Stock Exchange

IDEAL PRO trading system (IDEAL PRO)


Asia Pacific

Hong Kong Stock Exchange-SEHK

HKEX Northbound Trading Connect-Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect (SEHKNTL)

Singapore Exchange

Cboe Japan Ltd

Korea Stock Exchange

Australian Stock Exchange-ASX

National Stock Exchange of India-NSE


Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Trading Platform-Web3 Trading

Support various trading tools

DeFi protocol: perpetual contracts、synthetic assets、 options, etc.

Crypto Spot Trading

Crypto Margin Trading

Crypto Derivatives Trading

Crypto decentralized insurance

Hybrid architecture based on Layer 2

Based on the hybrid architecture of Layer 2, on-chain settlement and off-chain matching provide the security and privacy of decentralized exchanges while allowing traders to obtain the smooth trading experience of centralized exchanges.

Security, transparency and financial security

Security: Margin trading platform for non-custodial accounts. Users stay secure and anonymous using their own smart contract wallet on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform does not hold users’ digital assets or their private keys. Users have their own private keys and have full control over their assets in the platform;

Transparency: Users’ smart contract accounts are clearly visible on the blockchain (such as the website). Different from centralized exchanges, traders' deposits are centrally stored in one or several large wallets controlled by the exchange;

Proof of solvency: The user's funds are completely transparent, ensuring the solvency of each transaction, and settlement is performed on the blockchain, and the funds after settlement are retained in the user's account.