About 3W Capital

3W Capital is an integrated M&A holding platform under 3W.com Group that focuses on the global cutting-edge technology field. By linking, aggregating and attracting core technology industry projects in the global innovative science field, it creates cutting-edge technology research and development capabilities, top innovation and creation capabilities and broad market development. A global cutting-edge technology industry ecological development platform with great potential.

3W Capital is committed to using innovative management systems to provide all-round empowerment for ecological enterprises through multi-level methods such as strategic investment, participation in operations, and holding the helm, helping and leading ecological enterprises to grow efficiently, move towards a more accessible capitalization path, and ultimately achieve full-scale development. Maximize the ecological value of the industrial chain.


High Technology

Big Capital

Globalization - 3W Capital is based on the world and explores mergers and acquisitions investment opportunities in the most cutting-edge and most valuable innovative technologies around the world.
High technology - 3W Capital masters cutting-edge core technologies in the global scientific field, recruits the world's top scientific and technological talents, and creates professional technical barriers to high-tech innovation with top R&D capabilities.
Big capital - 3W Capital gives full play to its strong and solid capital energy and endowment core, provides strong financial support for its multiple ecological enterprise projects, and uses big capital to protect the development of the ecological industry.

3W Capital Values

Focus、persistence、excellence、common progress


Focus on global cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation fields

3W Capital is an integrated M&A holding platform company that focuses on the global cutting-edge technology industry, with AI and Web3 technology as its underlying support, with cutting-edge technology R&D and application innovation as its goal, and driven by advanced data science of AI artificial intelligence. It is committed to building a global The cutting-edge technology industry ecological development platform explores the most cutting-edge and most valuable potential cutting-edge technology M&A opportunities globally.


Using science and technology to provide core power for high-quality development

We insist on leading innovation with technology, pursuing, exploring and developing core technologies in the fields of AI, Web3 and biomedicine, aiming to solve the most challenging innovative applications of financial technology, the new generation of Internet efficiency and security revolution, and human medical health through the world's top technologies. And other issues.
Technology is the core driving force for the high-quality development of 3W Capital. We invest a lot of money in the field of scientific and technological research and development to support the company's high-tech research and development undertakings; we recruit the world's top scientific and technological talents, and 80% of the core team members are devoted to scientific research, creating top-notch enterprises. Scientific research strength and innovation expertise and technical barriers.


Master the core technologies in global AI, Web3 and biomedicine fields

The subdivided areas we focus on cover the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI), Web3 exploration and innovation, financial technology industry, cutting-edge new drug creation and other new medical technologies, etc. Our ecological enterprises master important core technologies in high-precision technical fields around the world, and hone excellent quality in the field of high-tech innovation R&D.


Comprehensive empowerment helps ecological enterprises develop rapidly

Relying on its profound scientific and technological accumulation and connotation, and leveraging a team of scientific research experts from various fields such as AI, Web3, computational science, synthetic biology, and drug discovery, 3W Capital is committed to creating comprehensive empowerment through capital, resources, talents, etc. A holding investment and development platform with multi-dimensional endowment energy, it is deeply involved in the entire life cycle of the development of ecological enterprises, laying out professional and efficient capitalization paths for ecological enterprises, operating and growing together with ecological enterprises, achieving win-win progress and achieving long-term sustainability. Continue high-quality growth.