3W Capital Innovation Management System

3W Capital focuses on cultivating and retaining top talents, forming a diversified management team, and provides employees with a development platform that can fully utilize individual and team values, as well as an open, positive and innovative atmosphere and soil.

3W Capital pursues excellent execution capabilities. By restructuring the way we work, improving the flexibility of the team, improving the company's productivity and releasing resources, we can help us continue to invest in innovation and achieve better returns.

3W Capital is fully committed to promoting the application of big data and the construction of digital management. Our goal is to promote the digital revolution within the company, using digital technology, advanced analysis technology and artificial intelligence to promote innovation and improve efficiency.

Circular operation model driven by 3W capital innovation management system

With its strong financial strength, 3W Capital carries out holding investment and acquisition of high-quality project assets in the global cutting-edge technology field, and then introduces its own innovative management system and powerful proactive post-investment management, deeply integrates the ecological industry chain, and helps ecological enterprises achieve efficient collaboration. And through the competitive advantages of high-tech innovation and research and development, we can maximize and realize the value benefits of the industrial chain, generate more cash flow, and achieve further accumulation of capital.

Under the innovation management system, a closed-loop model of "capital energy - mergers and acquisitions - integration and collaboration - innovative research and development - value benefits" is formed. Such cyclical operation will achieve continuous expansion and positive development.

M&A integrated operating model

The operating model of 3W Capital is to explore, link, aggregate and attract leading global cutting-edge technology companies or projects from a global perspective, and establish high-tech fields through professional mergers and acquisitions and deep integration through strategic investment, participation in operation management, holding the helm, etc. The entire industry chain ecosystem provides comprehensive empowerment of ecological enterprises with capital, resources, talents, etc., forming industrial synergy and linkage, leading the vertical and in-depth exploration of industrial ecological aggregates, horizontal expansion and expansion, and achieving three-dimensional leapfrog development.

Holding M&A

By investing in and acquiring cutting-edge technology projects or companies around the world that have advanced technical barriers and significant value potential, we use all-round empowerment of capital, resources and talents to lay out a professional and efficient capitalization path for ecological technology companies, and are committed to accelerating innovative technologies. R&D and commercialization to create a leading enterprise in the high-tech field in the future.

Industrial integration

Based on holding-type mergers and acquisitions, through linking, aggregating and attracting global cutting-edge technology leaders, we will establish an ecosystem covering the entire industry chain. Through comprehensive empowerment and integration of ecological enterprises in the industry chain,we will lead the complete ecological enterprise aggregation to vertically realize the professional and technical field. Through in-depth exploration and transformation and innovation, we can horizontally realize the extension, expansion and interaction of multi-dimensional enterprise core technologies, and achieve completely three-dimensional leapfrog development.

Innovative R&D

In the process of continuous improvement and development of 3W Capital, our innovative research and development capabilities in the high-tech field are our ultimate competitive advantage. Through innovative research and development, upgrading and application exploration of core technologies in the field of cutting-edge science and technology, we provide the world with important technologies and product services that improve the social and economic development of mankind, and move step by step towards our lofty ideals and development goals.

Realize value benefits

Through holding-type mergers and acquisitions, as well as industrial integration and ecological synergy under innovative management models, 3W Capital's basic goal is to maximize and realize the value benefits of the ecological industry chain.

Strengthen the power of capital

While helping ecological enterprises achieve high-quality development, 3W Capital also helps other shareholders,investors, and partners obtain attractive returns, achieve win-win results for all parties, and consolidate its own capital strength.

All-round empowerment: systematic value gain

Capital empowerment、resource empowerment、 talent empowerment,、strategic planning、corporate governance、 improved operations

Capital Empowerment

3W Capital will continue to provide follow-up financing support and merger and acquisition-related capital assistance to ecological enterprises. With high-level execution capabilities and rich investment experience, we will promptly assist the growth of corporate value during specific project excavation, negotiation, and transaction execution processes based on the company's future financing and mergers and acquisitions needs.

Resource Empowerment

Establish world-class boards of directors for companies, establish various special committees to strengthen prudent corporate governance, and help companies meet strict requirements on corporate governance compliance for listed companies.

Talent Empowerment

3W Capital has a reserve of outstanding talent resources such as senior executives in the AI and Web3 industries with rich experience, high-tech researchers, professional investors, and financial and legal experts. It can leverage its advantages of years of deep industry cultivation to help companies introduce professional high-end talents and innovate. Talent introduction model.

Strategic Planning

3W Capital has excellent insight and forward-looking judgment on the future development value of project companies, and will provide overall strategic planning guidance and support for ecological companies, including corporate positioning, product pipeline layout, clinical development, and commercialization.

Corporate Governance

3W Capital has professional and mature management and operation experience. It will form an industry-leading board of directors for enterprises, establish various special committees to strengthen prudent corporate governance, and help enterprises meet the strict requirements for governance compliance of listed companies.

Business Improvement

3W Capital pays attention to the current operating status of the company and will assist the company to continuously improve its operation and management. While helping companies find top management talents, we will coordinate the interests of the company and the management team to ensure the reasonable, stable and orderly development of the management team, and provide key links in the business system such as R&D management, corporate finance, and information technology. Upgrade to help enterprises achieve higher efficiency.

Collaborative development of technology industry

Take the biomedical field as an example

AI and cutting-edge biotechnology platform
medical laboratory
Health testing laboratory
AI and cutting-edge biotechnology platform

Peptide-associated multi-omics AI platform

Microecological correlation multi-omics AI platform

Cell therapy technology platform|Cell experiment technology serviceFlow cytometry technology serviceElispot technology service

With omics as the engine and continuously optimized engineering cell technology, it provides preclinical research services for basic biomedical research, cell applications, and cell therapy industries. It has the ability to export high-quality engineered cells (stem cells, immune cells, etc.), in vitro directed transformation technology, cell secretome extraction and identification technology, etc., and plays an active role in the field of drug screening and regenerative medicine cell therapy from the perspective of cell engineering.

medical laboratory

Over 500 square meters independent GMP level cell clean laboratory

P2 level biosafety laboratory

Over 1,000 square meters of multi-omics experimental platform

Can provide basic cell research technical services, cell resource processing and storage services, and related technical services in the field of cell therapy research.

Health testing laboratory

Obtained medical laboratory and clinical cytomolecular genetics medical practice licenses

Passed ISO27001:2013 system certification

Completed the activity registration of Guangdong Province’s second-level pathogenic microbiology laboratory

Obtained medical laboratory, clinical serum, and immunology medical practice licenses

Obtain medical laboratory and molecular biology medical practice licenses

Obtain technical qualifications to carry out clinical gene amplification testing

Obtained new coronavirus nucleic acid testing qualifications

Core Competitiveness

As a cutting-edge technology industry ecological development platform based on core technology research and development and adhering to technology-led innovation, 3W Capital's core competitiveness is reflected in its leading "technological power", "capital power" and "ecological power" in the global cutting-edge technology field. force".

Expand the margins of ecological enterprises through holding mergers and acquisitions or strategic investments

M&A of global, high-tech, and large-capital cutting-edge technology assets

Quickly acquire new technologies, expand product application tracks, and accumulate innovative technological resources, etc.

Empower and integrate capital operations, including but not limited to capital investment, talent investment, technological collaboration, financial tools and industrial policies, etc., to improve technological research and development efficiency through capital, talent, integration, etc.

Improving technological capabilities and expanding ecosystem through investment, mergers and acquisitions

Expand the ecological scale through scientific and technological capabilities and capital capabilities to form a complete ecosystem and maximize the synergy of ecological enterprises.

Technological power

Core technical capabilities

For cutting-edge technology companies, technological capabilities are not only a simple business tool or business environment, but also an important productivity and the source and foundation of all corporate development.
3W Capital pursues core technology, and ecological enterprises master core technologies in multiple fields of global innovation and technology, investing 80% of capital in technology research and development to ensure the company's top scientific research strength; 3W Capital also pursues the world's top talents, and more than 80% of team members are Scientific researchers are committed to creating the most cutting-edge technological research and development and application results.

Industry depth capabilities

Starting from the core products of 3W Capital ecological enterprise, looking vertically, we have a deep enough understanding and grasp of cutting-edge technology fields, providing end-to-end solutions from a full-service perspective, while improving R&D efficiency; looking horizontally, we have a wide enough range of products and applications The track can not only break through technical barriers and big data barriers to provide more comprehensive strategic control for ecological enterprises, but also meet the personalized technological needs of cutting-edge technology enterprises as much as possible.

capital power

Financing and M&A capabilities

We will continue to acquire cutting-edge technology assets that are global, high-tech, and large-capital; with high-level execution capabilities and rich investment experience, we will timely explore, negotiate, and explore specific projects based on the company's future financing and mergers and acquisitions needs. Help increase corporate value during transaction execution.

capital operation capability

Capital operation is an efficient means to quickly acquire new technologies, expand product application tracks, and accumulate innovative technological resources. We will integrate capital operations through empowerment, including but not limited to capital investment, talent investment, technological collaboration, financial tools, industrial policies, etc. , relying on capital strength to help improve technological research and development efficiency and corporate operating efficiency through integrated operations and other methods.

ecological force

scale value

By expanding the scale of ecosystem members through technological and capital capabilities, we explore opportunities for ecological expansion on a global scale. By linking, aggregating, and attracting more ecological partners, we continue to grow our peer team, thereby forming a complete ecosystem and realizing cooperation among ecological enterprises. Synergy effects enhance the value of the entire life cycle of ecological enterprises to achieve a positive cycle of input-output-expanded input-larger output.

Platform capabilities

By building the ability to empower ecological partners by building a technology R&D middle platform, technology middle platform, data middle platform, etc., with the platform as the central system, it will fully radiate the ecological industry chain and help its own ecological industry system vertically realize in-depth exploration and transformation in the field of professional technology. Innovation, horizontally realize the extension, expansion and interaction of multi-dimensional enterprise core technologies, and achieve completely three-dimensional leapfrog development.