3W AWSG is the 3W Wallet hybrid wallet system To B business brand of 3W.com Group. It is a membership-based cross-platform super application tool white label based on AI and Web3 technology that integrates social networking, payment, consumption, digital identity DID and other functions. service provider.

Cooperate with global B-sides

3W AWSG is committed to creating an exclusive and perfect brand of "super wallet + unlimited scenarios" for global B-side partners, providing a comprehensive ecological service system (SaaS) integrating social communications, hybrid wallets, Web3 domain names, super trusts, virtual credit cards and physical cards. The front-end application system and back-end management system enable end users to unlock multi-level innovative functions and application scenarios through a single unified platform through the brand's exclusive membership mechanism, and obtain the ultimate service experience of the integration and symbiosis of Web2 and Web3.

Provide infrastructure

3W AWSG relies on leading AI, blockchain, smart contracts and other Web3 technologies to provide complete infrastructure services for exclusive brand super applications for B-end users. At the same time, it leverages its resource endowment to expand rich application and service scenarios for users in a connected manner. Create more possibilities for the development of different business formats on the B-side.

AWSG core product portfolio

"Super Wallet + Unlimited Scenarios" Technical Service Solution


Technical service

enabling support

B-side partner

end users

Traffic portal、service interface

high-quality experience、improve user volume

XX-Wallet-Hybrid Wallet System

(B-side exclusive brand-hybrid wallet system)

Web2 traditional interactive identity

Multi-currency trust account Digital currency account

web3 decentralized identity

DID Digital Account
(Decentralized Identifier)

creditor status

virtual card account Physical card account

Financial market participant identity

investment account


B-end exclusive brand
Terminal application level
provides platform services

Unlimited application scenarios

A whole new way to interact with the world

social contact pay exchange Consumption game entertainment
Based on its leading AI and Web3 technology levels and its rich global trust license resource endowment, 3W AWSG provides global B-side partners with "super wallet + unlimited scenarios" technical service solutions that can perfectly adapt to their exclusive brands.

Ready-made Hong Kong trust company license transfer service and multi-functional full asset management integrated "super wallet + unlimited scenarios" white label SaaS service constitute our core product portfolio, which together help B-end users establish competitive advantages, develop markets, expand business, and Efficiently manage business and serve customers at the lowest cost to maximize brand development benefits.

Our core products:

Hong Kong trust company license + multi-functional full asset management integrated "super wallet + unlimited scenarios" white label SaaS.

Our solution:

Provide white-label SaaS system services (white-label B2B2C solution) covering the front, middle and back-end businesses of the trust and integrating social networking, payment, consumption, entertainment and other functions + ready-made Hong Kong trust company license transfer;

With the help of our technological solutions that integrate all functions, we can create your own perfect brand and help you quickly enter the market and expand your business in compliance.

Our core strengths:

A comprehensive and multi-dimensional super wallet system covering social networking, payment, asset management, financial investment, etc.;

Multiple interactive identities that can freely span Web2 and Web3 environments and travel through the virtual and real worlds;

One-stop diversified SaaS system platform connects rich and innovative super functions and application scenarios;

We have about 70+ global trust licenses ready for transfer at any time.

Global multi-asset full financial license resource reserve

3W AWSG provides global B-side partners with one-stop compliance solutions including regulatory licenses, customer KYC, and risk management, and has built full-core financial license resources and services for trusts, securities, insurance, funds, and digital asset transactions. The advantages of global cross-regional exhibition.

3W AWSG currently has about 70+ ready-made global trust licenses. Based on the strong reserve of global financial license resources, we provide ready-made Hong Kong trust company license transfer services. Global B-side partners can obtain exclusive Hong Kong trusts without going through complicated and cumbersome registration processes. Companies and licenses to achieve global efficient and compliant development.


As the only financial license that spans the entire market, trusts can integrate a variety of financial instruments and management tools. Through the reconstruction of different legal relationships, trusts can gather all parties on the trust platform, pool various resources, integrate the wisdom of all parties, and provide Provide comprehensive financial solutions to customers;


Trust law gives beneficiaries tremendous protection. The fiduciary duty it imposes on the trustee stipulates that the trustee must manage the property for the benefit of the beneficiaries. In addition to abiding by the express provisions of the trust deed and other documents, the trustee must also abide by legal obligations such as the duty of loyalty and the duty of care.


The separation of ownership and interests is similar to the separation of ownership and management rights under company law. The trust system enables the trustor to draw on the trustee’s professional capabilities to improve the efficiency of management of trust property.


The trustor can create a trust for various purposes, and can also stipulate various contents such as the method of property management, the scope of application, the rules of interest distribution, and the authority of the trustee through the trust terms.


Based on the continuous management characteristics of the trust system, the trust can continue to manage and use the trust property to achieve the trust purpose set by the trustor from beginning to end. Even after the death of the trustor, the trust can still operate according to his will.

"Super Wallet + Unlimited Scenarios"
Technical service solutions

3W AWSG uses the 3W Wallet super wallet system to connect end users of B-end customers with rich functions and application scenarios, and implement the value of technology in serving people into all aspects of social life.


Web3 DID
Web2 KYC


Fiat currency assets
virtual assets


Quick payment
Cross-border transfer


Decentralized storage
End-to-end encryption


Trust asset allocation
Global asset trading


"Super Wallet + Unlimited Scenarios"

- Decentralized Social Networking

The technical service solution launched by 3W AWSG is committed to establishing a decentralized social network for B-side customers, allowing its end-member users to expand their contacts, develop relationships, and experience the fun of freely interacting with the world in the Web3 environment.
Different from the traditional Web2 model, the data generated by users here is regarded as an intangible asset and is supported by blockchain technology. The data of terminal member users of B-end customers will no longer be stored on a centralized server, but will be stored on the blockchain in a distributed manner to ensure security and privacy.
Our technical service solutions provide decentralized social functions and services (3W.com decentralized social) for end member users of B-side customers. Our decentralized social services allow members to get rid of the control and intervention of centralized platforms, enjoy freedom of speech and openness, and allow members to own their own data and content without worrying about data leakage or abuse.
Here, members can fully build their social network. The decentralized social features of Web3 will bring members a more secure, free and connected social experience.

The decentralized social services provided by 3W AWSG to end users of B-side customers include:

Point-to-point encrypted basic communication service
Friend relationship and address book management
Publishing, sharing and display of personalized content
red envelope transfer

3W.com decentralized social networking will also develop a community system for DAO to truly democratize ownership and governance, allowing the community to collectively build services that meet their best interests. At that time, all DAO community activities can be carried out in the 3W.com super application, including proposals, voting, treasury, asset management, trading, lottery, contract tools, etc.

"Super Wallet + Unlimited Scenarios"

– Payment

Payment is the most frequently used function and scenario for members in daily life. 3W Pay specifically provides members with super credit card (including virtual cards and physical cards) services. The platform has a formal payment license, and members’ assets will be fully protected by laws and regulations to ensure safety.
With the security and decentralization features of blockchain technology, the 3W.com platform provides members with convenient and safe payment solutions. Whether members have needs for financial trust, asset transactions or global payments, the 3W.com platform will provide members with reliable services.

3W.com Decentralized Wallet/Hybrid Wallet

The 3W.com platform provides functions that support both blockchain wallets and fiat currency wallets. Regardless of whether they are in a Web2 or Web3 environment, members can choose to use a blockchain wallet or a legal currency wallet for credit card consumption according to their personal needs.
Member users can use decentralized wallets within the 3W.com platform application to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency assets, NFT, etc. 3W.com uses ERC-4337 abstract account technology so that members no longer need a mnemonic phrase or worry about losing their private keys. They can use various services in the blockchain very conveniently and experience the wonders of the Web3 world.

3W.com decentralized wallet has the following advantages:

Allows users to use arbitrary verification logic and signature schemes to send transactions without being restricted by the Ethereum protocol;

Allows users to use any Paymaster to pay transaction fees without holding Ethereum or other tokens;

It allows users to enjoy the functions of smart contract accounts, such as social recovery, customization, upgradeability, etc., and can also create and call other smart contracts;

Allows users to use aggregated signatures (such as BLS) to save transaction space and fees;


"Super Wallet + Unlimited Scenarios"

- Exchange and Consumption

3W exchange

3W AWSG allows users to conduct real-time activities such as payment, consumption and transactions conveniently and quickly. It connects global exchange services in key links of the entire application service scenario, so that end users of B-side customers can complete the service experience without any perception. Seamless exchange of goods, money and coins, smooth payment, consumption, transactions and other complex activities, and obtain a convenient and efficient high-quality service experience.

3W consumption

3W AWSG has connected with more than 30 million consumer merchants around the world, so that terminal member users of B-side customers can directly use their account balances for online and offline consumption, including legal currency, through 3W Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay or swiping their cards. and cryptocurrencies.
Whether shopping online or in physical stores, 3W Pay provides members with convenience and security. Your end users can enjoy a smooth shopping experience with just a swipe of their card or mobile payment. What's more, your end-user account balance can be used directly for payment, without the need for cumbersome top-up steps.

"Super Wallet + Unlimited Scenarios"

- Games and Entertainment

3W Games and Entertainment

In addition to the high-quality services currently provided, 3W AWSG’s plans also include the launch of a new Play To Earn gaming platform. Terminal members of B-side customers can enjoy a variety of exciting and fun games, compete and interact with other members. What’s even more exciting is that by participating in the game, members also have the opportunity to earn actual income. This income is not limited to virtual currency in the game, but also real economic returns.
3W AWSG will rely on the decentralized community system (3W DAO) it strives to build to provide end-member users of B-side customers with a content creation and dissemination environment directly oriented to the community. All text creation, film and television cultural IP issuance will be based on creation The creator-centered approach allows creators to establish in-depth relationships with the community and their content audiences, develop new and higher-level responsibilities and exchanges, and form a new paradigm of creative cultural and entertainment development.