Hybrid Wallet

The 3W.com technology platform provides functions and services that support both blockchain wallets and fiat currency wallets - 3W Wallet - hybrid wallet. Regardless of whether they are in a Web2 or Web3 environment, our users (including end users of C-side and B-side customers) can choose to use blockchain wallets or legal currency wallets for credit card consumption according to their personal needs.

Through our hybrid wallet application function, all users can use decentralized wallets within the 3W.com platform application to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency assets, NFT, etc. 3W Wallet uses ERC-4337 abstract account technology, so that users no longer need mnemonic words or worry about losing their private keys. They can use various services in the blockchain very conveniently and experience the wonders of the Web3 world.

3W.com decentralized wallet has the following advantages:

It allows users to use arbitrary verification logic and signature schemes to send transactions without being restricted by the Ethereum protocol.

Users can use any paymaster to pay transaction fees without holding Ethereum or other tokens.

Allow users to enjoy smart contract account functions, such as social recovery, customization, upgradeability, etc., while also creating and calling other smart contracts.

Allows users to use aggregated signatures (such as BLS) to save transaction space and fees.

Hybrid Wallet-Account Function

Accounts are the direct link between financial institutions and customers. Every financial need of a user will be most directly connected to the products of financial institutions through accounts. 3W Wallet takes the trust super account as the core, supplemented by Web3 smart contract wallet, Visa/Mastercard virtual card and physical card, and builds a unified account system with a sufficiently flexible, scalable and easy-to-integrate account layer structure while meeting regulatory compliance requirements. The ability, while ensuring the security of user account funds and information, to innovatively and nimbly meet users' mobile, scenario-based, and fragmented diverse financial needs, improve user stickiness, and comprehensively upgrade business models and user marketing is the key to occupying the market in the future. Work harder.

Trust Super Account (One Account)

Multi-level account
association management


account transaction


account limit


transaction reconciliation


transaction clearing

Web2 Investment Account Module

Fiat account

Securities account

Futures account

Fund account

insurance account

digital currency

Web3 smart contract wallet

The entrance to the Web3 world and DeFi projects, Decentralized Identity (DID)...

Use AI technology to support real-time settlement of multiple assets

The consumption amount can be settled directly in real time from cash, digital assets, stocks, and other investment products in the trust account, allowing you to enjoy worry-free consumption.

Visa/Mastercard virtual and physical cards

A credit card backed by a trust, allowing you to use your trust assets flexibly/p>

Conveniently use different trust assets to repay card payments on the trust platform

Withdraw cash anytime, anywhere and use trust assets flexibly

The account is the admission ticket for all interactive activities in the real and virtual worlds, and is the identity symbol of people in all application scenarios of these complex interactive activities. The 3W Wallet hybrid wallet system uses wallets as application carriers and includes a full range of multi-level account and user identity solutions. With this super wallet system, we connect users to unlimited application scenarios.

In the comprehensive ecosystem built by 3W.com for users, account identity is both a traffic entrance and a service interface. It is the most basic and critical link in the entire life cycle of our business development. Our comprehensive platform services are based on this super wallet system. Multiple account and identity functions are deployed, and all application service scenarios are connected through the super wallet system, making the needs of end users within reach and easily obtaining a convenient, efficient and high-quality service experience.

Hybrid wallet system-multiple accounts

The multi-level wallet account system created by 3W.com includes a 3W Wallet hybrid wallet master account and multiple sub-accounts of different dimensions, covering the fields of Web2 and Web3, centralization and decentralization, and connecting daily interaction, asset management, finance Investment and other channels:

Hybrid wallet system-account-identity authentication

The 3W Wallet hybrid wallet system provides users with multiple identities that can fully interact with the world, including:

3W Wallet — Hybrid wallet total account

3W Wallet user identity. With this account, users can enter the threshold of 3W Wallet comprehensive services and become a formal member of 3W Wallet. They will receive a rich service experience provided by 3W Wallet;

3W Wallet — Multi-dimensional sub-account

Web2 traditional interactive identity - users establish their Web2 traditional interactive identity by relying on traditional Web2 environment interactive accounts such as multi-currency trust accounts and credit card accounts (including physical cards and virtual cards), and will receive Web2 ecological service experience;

Web3 decentralized identity - users obtain Web3 decentralized identity by virtue of their exclusive DID digital account (a string of decentralized identifiers), and will receive a wide range of decentralized service experiences such as Web3 social networking, games, and transactions;

Financial market participant identity - multi-currency trust accounts, digital currency accounts and comprehensive investment accounts help users implement their global financial market participant identity, and freely enter the global financial market through this account identity, including traditional finance and decentralized finance. Asset allocation and investment trading activities including global finance have become an important part of the global financial market.

Hybrid DID

Digital identity DID is a new type of globally unique identifier that allows an entity (such as a person, organization, object, data model, abstract entity, etc.) to be verified in a way that is verifiable, durable, and does not rely on a centralized registration authority. to be recognized.

Decentralized identity (DID) has the characteristics of distributed, autonomous and controllable, and cross-chain reuse. Entities can independently complete the registration, parsing, updating or revoking of DID operations. DID is specifically parsed into DID Document. DID Document includes DID's unique identification code, public key list and public key details (holder, encryption algorithm, key status, etc.), as well as other attribute descriptions of the DID holder.

VC is a descriptive statement issued by one DID (such as a trusted institution, a DAO organization, a government system, a commercial institution) to endorse certain attributes of another DID (such as a user, a partner), and is generated based on cryptography. and verification, used to prove that certain attributes of its owner are real (such as identity, ability, qualifications, etc.).

Decentralized identity concept = Decentralized Identifier (DID) + Verifiable Credential (VC)

3W.com Digital Identity DID

Universal and secure login

anti witch attack

KYC certification

Anti-phishing attacks

community governance

Complete community identity and contribution data management in a privacy-preserving manner

Efficient governance of DAO

Now, in terms of digital identity DID related services, 3W.com will provide:

Free mobile phone number DID is provided so that members can experience the innovation and magic in the Web3 world;

Open the DID registration service of .3W.com;

Provides registration of sub-domain names such as organizations and family identities;

3W.com opens a DID trading platform, including .eth, .bnb, .arb and other domain names.

In the

In the future, 3W.com’s digital identity DID will achieve the following functions:

The use of digital identity DID can achieve anti-counterfeiting authentication, allowing all parties to issue and verify various certificates, such as academic certificates, professional qualification certificates, health certificates, etc., to prevent forgery and fraud;

Using digital identity DID can realize employee identity management, allowing all parties to manage and control employees' identity information, permissions, roles, etc., improving security and efficiency;

The use of digital identity DID enables cross-border travel, allowing parties to use digital passports, visas, vaccine certificates, etc. for international travel, simplifying processes and reducing risks;

Autonomous data sharing can be achieved using digital identity DID, allowing users to control their own data and content and choose who to share it with and what information to share.

Hybrid payment

The 3W Wallet hybrid wallet system covers multi-currency trust accounts, digital currency accounts, credit card accounts including physical cards and virtual cards, investment accounts and DID digital identity accounts. This account system relies on the system's underlying technical support to provide end users with convenience and efficiency The payment function - 3W Pay.

Users can use its 3W Pay at more than 90 million merchants around the world and anywhere Visa/Master cards are accepted to make purchases directly with fiat cash, cryptocurrency or other multi-asset. 3W Pay breaks the framework of traditional banks. Through a one-stop global trust asset management system platform, one card can flexibly use all assets, helping customers manage multiple assets safely, flexibly and conveniently, allowing customers to efficiently flow their funds. Create exclusive financial services.

Hybrid wallet system-multiple accounts

Flexible use of multiple assets
Conveniently repay card payments on the hybrid financial transaction platform

Global access

Withdraw cash anytime, anywhere
Flexibly utilize multiple assets on the global mixed financial trading platform

Pay with peace of mind

Industry-leading security features include:
2FA authentication, card freezing, password changes, and more

Virtual Card/Physical Card-Function

Global ATM Withdrawal

Global store consumption

Global online consumption

Global transfer card switching function