3W.com (APP)

3W.com is committed to providing global end users with multiple interactive identities that can freely span Web2 and Web3 environments and travel through the virtual and real world through its 3W Wallet hybrid wallet system, creating an open three-dimensional system with an all-round and multi-dimensional super wallet system. The service interface connects users with rich and innovative super functions and application scenarios.

At the same time, we rely on the 3W.com terminal application (3W APP) to provide all users with a one-stop comprehensive platform service based on "super wallet + unlimited scenarios" to maximize the value of technology services to people.

Super Wallet + Unlimited Scenarios


Connect Web2 and Web3 accounts conveniently and uniformly.


Store and use fiat assets and digital assets freely and conveniently.


By breaking down the barriers between assets, you can seamlessly enjoy the convenience of the digital economy.


Communicate with us or other users anytime, anywhere.


Manage your wealth stably and legally.

Global asset

Invest in various assets around the world flexibly and efficiently.

Other functions

In addition to the aforementioned main functions, 3W.com also provides users with many other application modes and services, such as:

application browser

The connected application is displayed to users in a way similar to a mini program;


A rich and diverse personalized display and sharing platform, which can be in the form of friend circles, blogs, personal promotion pages, product introduction pages, photo wall memoirs, etc.;

External asset management tools

Through a simple small application, the asset data of the cold wallet can be summarized and viewed in real time;


A play-to-earn platform will be launched in the future, allowing members to earn income while having fun.


3W.com connects users with a variety of functions and application service scenarios through open API interfaces. Our APP products have comprehensive functional network application programming interfaces, and are seamlessly integrated with the global capital market, social networking, and entertainment scene infrastructure through Open API integration. Docking, accurately connecting global end users to any service scenario that meets their personalized needs.

Connect the application environment of Web2 and Web3;

Connect diverse functions and service scenarios;

Connect people with like-minded communities;

Connect global on-chain and off-chain assets and capital liquidity.

Core technology: combination of AI and Web3

As more and more industry builders pay attention to Web3 and AI, there will be more and more innovative uses or scenarios combining the two.

The advantages of 3W.com’s organic combination of AI and Web3 technology include but are not limited to the following:

Improve efficiency

AI can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of Web3 applications by automating tasks that would otherwise be performed manually. Especially for the credit evaluation system in the DeFi track, it helps reduce risks and improve application quality.

Improve scalability

AI combined with applications has the ability to automate tasks to a certain extent, allowing you to expand your business more effectively and save time and money.

Enhance security

Security is critical to Web3 applications. By integrating AI into Web3 applications, an additional layer of security can be added to protect against threats such as data breaches and cyberattacks.

make better decisions

AI can help applications make better decisions by providing otherwise unobtainable insights and conclusions through large amounts of rigorous calculations. This includes aspects such as understanding customer behavior, identifying trends and predicting future results.

Provide personalization

AI can process large amounts of data to provide users with more relevant and personalized results, helping Web3 applications become more usable and user-friendly.