3W Exchange: One-stop multi-functional SaaS system platform

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One-stop turnkey T2B2C solution to create your exclusive brand

3W Exchange is committed to providing innovative business models and financial transaction service infrastructure to global B-side partners, helping C-side users improve financial transaction efficiency, ensure transaction trust, fairness and security, and maximize financial value creativity. Create the perfect brand just for you with our comprehensive solutions.

One-stop visual management of global multiple assets

3W Exchange's global trust asset management system integrates your clients' global multi-currency legal tender assets and multiple financial assets into a "trust account" for unified and visual management, allowing your clients to enjoy global benefits through a "trust account" Diversified services such as investment, global payment, global asset transfer, and asset custody.

"Web2+Web3" hybrid financial transaction solution

The 3W Exchange hybrid financial trading platform connects your customers to cross-market and cross-variety full-asset class trading scenarios of traditional/centralized finance (Web2) and digital/decentralized finance (Web3) through one terminal to meet your needs. Customers have multiple needs in asset protection, asset appreciation, and flexible use of assets.

Hybrid Finance (HyFi) trading
and multi-asset allocation platform components

Mobile platform
Trading platform
Front-end technology
Cloud site
Cloud service
Mid- and back-end technologies

Account management, deposit and withdrawal management, transaction management and risk control management, etc.

Online account opening system

KYC, risk disclosure
and electronic signatures, etc.

Stable and scalable
Trading APP

3W Trader Mobile is a native multi-asset trading app for iOS and Android that provides complete account management, portfolio management, charting and other essential tools for real-time financial trading. Supported asset classes include real stocks, futures, Options, funds, bonds, digital currencies and other digital assets, etc.

Seamless integration
Best performance and user experience

3W Exchange's native mobile trading front-end for iOS and Android provides the best performance and user experience. They easily integrate customers' CRM with account registration, user management and basic business tools such as market data sources, KYC/AML providers and payment providers.

Custom brand
Trading APP

We have created developer accounts in the Apple Store for B-side financial partners. B-side financial partners can set up their own applications in the store with a logo that matches their brand for brand promotion.

3W Exchange To B empowering support and service

Global trust asset management platform
Technology support
Global trust asset management platform

Web version, iOS/Android mobile version and other clients;

CRM/middle and back-end management system;

Online account opening system;

Payment and Web3 systems;

Cloud sites, market data, etc.

Technology support
Innovative license portfolio and trust structure
Compliance support
Innovative license portfolio and trust structure

trust license;

Securities trading license;

currency exchange license;

Digital currency license;

Trust deed support;

KYC/AML and other compliance support.

Compliance support
Asset connection and issuance
Asset support
Asset connection and issuance

Ready-made and rich business protocols and system connections for transactions;

Ready-made and rich liquidity providers;

Provide the ability to independently issue financial products.

Asset support
NFT-based incentive system
Ecological support
NFT-based incentive system

Build a truly community-driven, decentralized NFT ecosystem and DAO organization for B-side financial partners, and provide underlying innovative technical support for their operations and creation of their own ecosystem.

Ecological support

Technology support: one-stop turnkey T2B2C solution

Create exclusive and perfect brands for B-end financial partners with our fintech solutions that integrate all functions


Main source of income: Through the setup of our T2B2C solution, we empower B-side financial partners to flexibly choose the investment products and services they want to provide to customers, such as global stocks, funds, derivatives, digital assets and Web3 on-chain assets.


Traffic portal: Our payment solution (including Web3 wallet and Visa/MasterCard physical card, etc.) creates a user traffic portal for B-side financial partners and is an important tool for user acquisition.

Web3 infrastructure

Innovative infrastructure services: Our solutions in the Web3 ecosystem and blockchain infrastructure help B-side financial partners create and maintain a virtuous cycle of business.

Compliance Support:
3W Exchange Innovative Compliance Solutions
"Trust legal relationship + full asset management"

3W Exchange helps B-side financial partners rely on the offshore trust law system, with trust super accounts as the core, use the latest financial technology to create and maintain appropriate trust structures around the world, and combine with other global financial transaction licenses to create international financial transactions One account.

As the world's first comprehensive solution provider that combines trust legal relationships with full asset management, it has greatly expanded the breadth and depth of the financial trading platform. Under common law supervision, all services of the "Web2+Web3" global trust asset management platform are safe and legal.

As the only financial license across the entire market, trust has functional diversity and business model flexibility, and is a comprehensive financial structure. As a property management system, trusts have natural advantages in helping customers achieve wealth preservation, appreciation and inheritance. On the one hand, trusts have institutional advantages in property independence, risk isolation, flexibility and structural stability; on the other hand, trusts have both With the dual functions of property management and property transfer, the type of trust property is not limited to monetary funds, but can also be other property forms such as equity, real estate, movable property, etc., which can meet the diverse property management needs of customers.

Trust structure functions

Core advantages of trust asset management

Single account management of global funds and multi-category assets

Flexible transaction structure EAM or independent management

Wealth preservation and appreciation and wealth inheritance

Tax Planning

Risk isolation asset security guarantee

Global asset visualization management

Asset support: "Connect + Issuance"

Through its unique ability to connect different assets around the world, 3W Exchange empowers global B-side financial partners to provide transaction services for traditional financial products and digital financial products, and empowers global B-side financial partners from the dimensions of systems, compliance, and business models. Partners provide the ability to independently issue financial products (such as synthetic assets, DeFi products, OTC derivatives, etc.)

Stock Exchange/Broker

Futures Exchange/Broker

Forex exchange/broker

OTC derivatives issuer

Insurance Company/Broker

Liquidity provider

digital currency exchange

Digital currency derivatives exchange


Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Trading
Multi-asset allocation platform

OTC derivatives issuance

Digital insurance issuance

synthetic assets

Perpetual contract

DeFi products


NFT issuance

Security Token Issuance


Trading custody, clearing, valuation, risk control and operations;

Portfolio reporting/business reporting;

Trading and execution of margin trading and securities lending;

cash management;

Other value-added services.

Trading custody, clearing, valuation, risk control and operations;

Portfolio reporting/business reporting;

Other derivatives design and execution;

Web3 wallet/smart contract;

Other value-added services.

Ecological support: Ecosystem as a Service (EsaaS)

3W Exchange provides ecosystem as a service (EsaaS) technology to global B-side financial partners, builds a truly community-driven, decentralized NFT ecosystem and DAO organization, and creates an incentive system for ecological participants.

3W Exchange Trading

Create a Web2+Web3 hybrid financial platform

A trustworthy, safe and compliant global trust asset management platform

3W Pay

Breaking the framework of traditional banks, one card can flexibly use all assets, helping customers manage multiple assets safely, flexibly and conveniently, allowing customers' funds to flow efficiently and creating exclusive financial services

Ecosystem as a Service (EsaaS)
(Trading + NFT + DAO)
3W Exchange
3W Chain & Wallet

Layer 2 expansion technology based on Ethereum

Web3 wallet


Through the organizational form of DAO, the autonomy of core management and benefit distribution links can be achieved, and problems such as rent-seeking space and conflicts of interest caused by human operations can be avoided, thereby improving the operability of decentralized governance.


Decentralized NFT ecosystem and incentive system