3W.COM has strongly entered web3, enabling B-end users with super


Time:2022-10-10 14:25:00

As Web3.0 has evolved from a dream like ideal concept into a visible and practical subdivision track or application destination of cryptocurrency, NFT, DeFi, universe, DAO, etc., new technologies and new playing methods in the field of financial technology have attracted the attention of the world at a faster speed.

It can be predicted that the hurricane of Web3.0 is transforming the world step by step. This new and magical "concept" spares no effort to call people to join it, and at the same time, it is hard to ignore its high "threshold" for entry, because it is not easy to keep pace with the times and walk in the forefront of the web3 team.

At a time when the development of financial technology and the change of financial paradigms are becoming more and more overwhelming, it is difficult for industry competitors to believe in fighting alone if they want to win the first prize. On the contrary, "combining vertical and horizontal" has become a necessary skill for the industry to become bigger and stronger.

"Connect" is more important than "own"

"Connect" has created amazing products and business models in many fields in the past, especially in today's new financial era. With the support of advanced financial technology capabilities, it has become a highly respected new business and economic model to promote more open connections among various elements, assets and systems of the financial industry. The ability to "connect" enables financial practitioners to keenly capture the needs of the industry market and provide appropriate services and solutions for these new needs.

In the three years since the COVID-19 broke out globally, the world economy has added a lot of uncertainty beyond the "cycle" operation track. At a time when opportunities and challenges coexist, financial supervision intensity varies across the world, especially in the increasingly mainstream crypto market. China, the United States, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the United Kingdom and other major economies in the world have introduced different regulatory policies, It is leading the development trend and pattern of the world economy, including the encryption market.

While the global financial market continues to explore the integration with blockchain, Web3.0 and other innovative financial technologies, and strives to obtain high-quality liquidity, the financial account system of the whole market is still complex, showing the characteristics of fragmentation and fragmentation. The complexity and cost of operation and management are high for both market account opening entities, financial institutions and financial regulators, It is not conducive to the acquisition of financial market liquidity and the improvement of transaction efficiency, cost control and competitiveness……

It can be said that the global financial assets still face high costs and other solid obstacles in current transactions. The market is in urgent need of new forces that can smooth friction, and the third party forces with the ability to "connect" are playing an increasingly important role.

In past successful cases, Uber, the world's largest travel platform, has become an important bridge between taxis and passengers; Airbnb, the world's largest hotel rental platform, connects millions of rooms and tenants; At the current time when web3.0 is becoming more and more popular, the demand for "connectivity" capability in the industry market is more obvious.

As a global financial transaction integrated solution provider based in Singapore and Hong Kong, 3W.COM's goal is more ambitious - to connect users with different assets around the world, CeFi and DeFi, as well as different jurisdictions and legal systems around the world, so that their users can enjoy the parallel world of web2 and web3 through the solutions and services they provide.

"Three Connections" of 3W.COM

In the digital era, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, mobile information technology, the Internet, the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and even the blockchain, the whole society has entered the era of interconnection of all things, and people can connect with people, people and things, things and information conveniently. In such an era, it is almost a consensus that connectivity is more important than ownership.

3W.COM takes blockchain and Web3.0 as the underlying technologies to build a hybrid financial technology and hybrid financial platform tailored for all B-end customers, help customers connect global users to cross market and cross variety asset classes, build a bridge between traditional finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) and different platforms of decentralized finance, and connect different jurisdictions and legal systems around the world through its super trust account, Broaden the energy and value boundaries of the customer's own financial ecosystem.

Connect different assets around the world

3W.COM trust super account helps customers realize "one terminal manages investment transactions, asset allocation and risk control of multi-level accounts" and "one account covers major global financial products and markets".

Through a trust super account, 3W.COM connects users to the global capital market, connects more than 30 countries and more than 150 exchanges around the world, and has access to 65000+asset class tools, enabling users to obtain an Internet digital service experience of investing in multiple assets around the world with one account.

Connecting CeFi and DeFi

With its leading financial technology capabilities, 3W.COM provides B-end customers with top web3.0 exchange component services, helps their users connect to CeFi and DeFi, as well as different platforms of DeFi, improves the trading efficiency of global financial markets, including encryption products, and frees up trading freedom.

3W.COM is committed to enabling each end user of its B-end customers to obtain hybrid financial (HyFi) services on a platform that has both the regulatory basis of centralized finance (CeFi) and the customer experience of decentralized finance (DeFi).The solution provided by 3W.COM will make the transaction cost lower, the confirmation speed faster, the energy efficiency higher, the storage security, and the global coverage wider.

Connecting different jurisdictions and legal systems

As a financial industry spanning capital market, currency market and industrial market, the unique institutional design of trust endows it with diversity of functions and flexibility of application. Relying on this characteristic, trust companies can carry out almost all financial businesses, such as financing business, loan business, securities investment business, bond underwriting business, equity investment business, financial leasing business, asset management business, etc.

3W.COM helps its B-end financial partners to create and maintain an appropriate trust structure in the world with the latest financial technology, relying on the offshore trust law system, taking the trust super account as the core, and combining with other global financial transaction licenses to create an international financial transaction one account. As the world's first comprehensive solution provider integrating trust legal relationship with total asset management, 3W.COM has greatly expanded the breadth and depth of the financial trading platform. Under the supervision of common law, ensure that all services of its "Web2+Web3" hybrid financial (HyFi) exchange are safe and legal.

3W.COM is headquartered in Singapore and Hong Kong. The company focuses on financial technology and connectivity, transforming the global financial market in a digital way, and integrating traditional finance and digital finance to provide hybrid financial (HyFi) solutions.

3W.COM is committed to providing innovative business models for global B-end financial partners, as well as financial transaction service infrastructure solutions around "transaction, payment, web ecology, blockchain infrastructure", providing all-round support from the four dimensions of "system, compliance, assets, ecology", through its unique ability to connect different global assets, connect CeFi and DeFi, and connect different global jurisdictions or legal systems, Empower the B-end to provide its end customers with services connected to stocks, futures, options, bonds, funds, insurance and more asset classes through "one account", to help its customers improve the efficiency of financial transactions, enhance transaction trust, fairness and security, and maximize financial value creativity while ensuring compliance.