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Time:2022-10-10 16:25:00

Time always proves the truth. For example, technology is always the number one productive force. This statement is also applicable in the financial field that has been stuck in the debate between truth and falsehood for a long time. At present, financial technology is becoming a new engine for the development of the financial industry.

Especially with the rise of the web3.0 boom in the world, decentralized finance (DeFi) has become a highly respected new financial paradigm, and the development and application of financial technology have achieved unprecedented breakthroughs and innovations.

In the past two years, the financial technology industry has developed rapidly, and financial institutions have effectively boosted the digital process and industry innovation with the key driving force of new generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, and blockchain. While AI, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other financial technologies are accelerating iterative innovation, the next generation of the Internet - web3.0 is coming with a vengeance. The digital transformation of financial industry development is also in full swing, and new formats and scenarios are emerging. Financial technology has become the top priority and fundamental means for financial institutions to improve their service and competitiveness.

It has been pointed out by insiders that the core of financial technology is to enable the development of financial business through technology. There are three key points to promote the development of financial business through technology. First, new financial infrastructure is to build a strong foundation for financial enterprises to help financial transactions; Second, new digital connection, creating a new generation of digital channels through technology and ecological methods; Third, agile services, through technical means, constantly upgrade financial service experience, improve service quality and efficiency.

This is indeed in line with the increasingly prominent demand of financial institutions, enterprises and the entire industry market in the web3 era. In the digital era, how financial technology enables new finance to achieve high-quality development has become a hot topic, especially in the current hot areas of digital finance, which shows a trend of transformation from To C to To B, Make the leading technology companies focusing on the export of professional financial technology services become the well deserved backbone to help the development of the new financial industry.

3W.COM - Focusing on financial technology and connectivity

3W.COM is a global leading multi asset hybrid financial transaction infrastructure comprehensive solution provider based in Singapore and Hong Kong, focusing on financial technology and connectivity, committed to transforming the global financial market in a digital way, integrating traditional finance and digital finance to provide hybrid financial (HyFi) solutions, and at the same time, it has solved the issues, transactions, risk management End to end technology, regulatory compliance and business/smart contract requirements for clearing and settlement.

The hybrid financial (HyFi) solution provided by 3W.COM supports end users to trade in all asset classes of financial markets in more than 30 countries and 150+exchanges from a single account, including connected securities, futures, options, commodities, derivatives, ETFs, bonds and other traditional assets; Securities token, cryptocurrency, token goods, NFT and other digital assets; And mixed assets including traditional assets and digital assets.

As a typical "all-round" financial technology service provider on the market, 3W.COM is committed to providing innovative business models and financial transaction service infrastructure for global B-end financial partners, providing all-round support from the four dimensions of "system, compliance, assets and ecology". Through its unique ability to connect different global assets, CeFi and DeFi, and different global jurisdictions or legal systems, 3W.COM enables B-end customers to connect to stocks, futures, options, bonds Funds, insurance and more asset classes help their clients improve financial transaction efficiency, enhance transaction trust, fairness and security, and maximize financial value creativity.

System support services of 3W.COM

With the continuous development of information technology, the innovation space of mobile Internet in the consumer end (C-end) is shrinking, and the business model is showing a trend of gradual transformation from C-end innovation to enterprise end (B-end) innovation. The market's valuation judgment on technology enterprises is changing from the traditional flow oriented to profit oriented. How technology can better serve the B-end has become the focus of the market.

3W.COM's one-stop turnkey T2B2C solution creates an exclusive perfect brand for B-end financial partners with its financial technology solution integrating all functions.

Among them, HyFi exchange is 3W.COM's core products integrate the security of central finance (CeFi) and the innovation of decentralized finance (DeFi), provide a unified management platform of multiple markets and asset classes for global traders, and achieve a management model integrating transaction, risk control and settlement in the global market. The trading asset classes covered include: global stocks, futures, options, bonds, funds, insurance and DeFi perpetual contracts Synthetic assets, etc.

In the whole transaction process, the efficient transaction management system can not only provide convenient operation experience, but also provide strong guarantee and control for the risk control of the whole transaction.

Compliance support enabling service of 3W.COM

3W.COM helps the B-end financial partners to create and maintain an appropriate trust structure in the world with the latest financial technology, relying on the offshore trust law system, taking the trust super account as the core, and combining with other global financial transaction licenses to create an international financial transaction one account.

As the world's first comprehensive solution provider that combines trust legal relations with full asset management, 3W.COM has greatly expanded the breadth and depth of the financial trading platform. Under the common law supervision, 3W.COM ensures that all services provided by the "Web2.0+Web3.0" hybrid financial (HyFi) exchange are safe and legal.

Asset support enabling service of 3W.COM

3W.COM, through its unique ability to connect different global assets, gives B-end financial institutions the ability to provide trading services for traditional financial products and digital financial products. From the dimensions of system, compliance, business model, etc., it gives B-end financial institutions the ability to independently issue financial products, such as digital insurance, synthetic assets, DeFi products, over-the-counter derivatives, etc.

Through 3W.COM's asset support services, B-end financial partners can expand new business areas, enrich transaction asset categories, enhance customer service capabilities, and meet the end user's needs for all asset transactions. At the same time, it can further improve the profit space of B-end financial institutions and obtain new profit growth space.

Ecological support enabling service of 3W.COM

3W.COM provides B-end financial partners with ecosystem as a service (EsaaS) technology, builds a truly community driven, decentralized NFT ecosystem and DAO organization, and creates an incentive system for ecological participants.

For example, NFT plays an important role in community ecological governance: the total amount of ecological NFT is constant to ensure the stability of NFT value and ecosystem operation; Take the system token as the purchase chip of the ecological NFT, and continuously interact to make the ecological token have long-term investment value; As the "ticket" for participants to enter the ecosystem, the incentive mechanism attracts them and becomes the traffic entrance; Build a new digital identity and reputation for users; And drive the ecological self-development of the community.

The community ecological governance model under the DAO organization also has many forms, which can achieve everyone's participation and common governance. It also has rich democratic voting mechanisms, such as direct token voting, one person one vote, representative voting, streaming democratic voting, relative majority voting with limited authority, and implementation of the offline voting chain.

In the current development of digital economy and new finance, all kinds of financial market participants actively embrace the development trend of web3 industry and increase their investment in financial technology COM and other professional financial technology service providers will also shoulder the scientific and technological mission to transform and innovate the global financial market and make transactions easier.