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Wallet: asset custody
3W.com connects unlimited possibilities! As a brand that has been awarded a legal trust license in Hong Kong, we have created a unique super trust account for our members. Members can access cash and cryptocurrencies with ease and comfort, and indulge in a full-service experience covering a wide range of areas including consumption, investment and financial management.
3W.com also strives to provide a range of features including personal property management, family property protection, child support and education, estate management and retirement protection, aiming to help you achieve better financial planning and future planning.
Join hands with 3W.com and embrace the unprecedented experience of convenient and reliable wealth management!
Payments: Consumer Life
3W Pay offers convenience and security for our members, whether they are shopping online or in physical stores. With a simple swipe or mobile payment, members can enjoy a seamless shopping experience. They can use their account balance directly for payment without the hassle of tedious top-up steps.
Socialize: Share
Decentralized social features create a safe, private space for members to freely express their views, share content, and make authentic connections with like-minded people. Members can take control of their social data, deciding how to use and share it, thereby protecting privacy and data security.
Make money: promotion
On the 3W.com platform, we offer a special benefit to our members: we utilize the platform's revenue to buy back points based on actual operations. Through this mechanism, we buy back the points in the hands of members and return the points gained from the buyback to the members. The benefit of this application scenario is that members can get more actual value through points buyback. Whether it's the appreciation of points or direct rebates, members enjoy the practical rewards of growing together with the platform. Moreover, since the buyback is carried out by the platform utilizing revenue, members do not need to worry about the viability of the points buyback and enjoy the benefits with greater confidence.
Recreation: Games
We are launching a new Play and Earn game platform where members can enjoy a range of exciting games, compete, and interact with others. By participating, members have the opportunity to earn real income instead of just in-game virtual currency, with real financial rewards.
Tool: DAPP Browser
3W.com offers a robust DAPP browser for users to explore popular decentralized applications in various fields like social networking, financial services, gaming, and entertainment. It ensures data security and user privacy through decentralized means.
For merchants or programmers...
3W.com is an open platform that offers powerful services and technical support. Merchants or programs can use it to build their own unique online platforms, and this flexibility allows merchants to fully utilize their creativity to meet different needs and market challenges.
link up
The chat feature on 3W.com is perfect for businesses and projects to maintain customer service. With group chat, voting, and secure file management, it ensures connectivity, support, and efficient multi-party discussions, boosting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
accept payment
3W.com is a versatile wallet that supports digital and fiat currencies. Integrated with licensed credit cards, it offers a convenient and efficient payment solution for merchants and project parties, catering to diverse needs and providing flexibility in a globalized economy.
Organization management
3W.com offers a comprehensive management backend service. Merchants or project owners can analyze customer data, develop targeted operation plans, and provide personalized services to maintain customer satisfaction, increase retention, and build a strong brand reputation.