A Membership
Card That
Doubles As A
Credit Card
Powerful "One Card"
Trust Account
3W.com has a legal trust license in Hong Kong, and has tailored a super trust account for its members, who can conveniently deposit and withdraw cash and cryptocurrencies. Through the account, members will be able to access all of the platform's full range of services such as consumption, investment, and financial management, etc. 3W.com is also planning to realize a series of functions such as personal property management, family property protection, child rearing and education, inheritance management, and retirement protection and a series of other functions.
Decentralized Wallet
can also use a decentralized wallet to access cryptocurrency assets, NFTs, etc. 3W.com's use of the ERC-4337 Abstract Account technology allows members to experience the wonders of the Web3 world by eliminating the need for mnemonics and worrying about losing their private keys, making it very easy to use the various services available in the blockchain. It has the following advantages:

Enables users to send transactions using any verification logic and signature scheme, without being restricted by the Ether protocol.

Enable users to pay for transactions using any paymaster without holding Ether or other tokens.

Enable users to enjoy the features of smart contract accounts, such as social recovery, customization, scalability, etc., as well as the ability to create and invoke other smart contracts.

Enables users to use aggregated signatures (e.g. BLS) to save transaction space and fees

Payment and consumption are the most frequent scenarios of members' daily use. 3W Pay provides members with virtual and physical cards and connects with more than 30 million merchants around the world so that members can use their account balances to make online and offline purchases, including fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, directly through Apple Pay, Google Pay, or by swiping their cards. As 3W.com grows, 3W Pay will also introduce a merchant account model, fast payment collection methods, and other ways to give merchants and members more favorable and convenient ways to reduce the cost of service and consumption.
Digital Identity DID