About US
3W.com is a white-label service provider of membership-based cross-platform super-application tools based on AI and Web3 technology, integrating social, payment, consumption, transaction, DID and other multi-functions.

We are committed to creating a perfect brand of "Universal Account + Super Scene" for our global B-end partners, providing front-end application systems integrating social communication, hybrid wallet, web3 domain name, configuration transaction, super trust, virtual credit card and physical card, etc., so that their end-users can 3W.com's front-end application system enables its end-users to unlock multiple levels of innovative features and application scenarios through a single unified platform and brand-exclusive membership mechanism to gain the ultimate Web3 service experience.

Relying on leading AI, blockchain, smart contracts and other Web3 technologies, 3W.com provides perfect infrastructure services for exclusive branded super applications for B-end users, and at the same time leverages its resource endowment to expand rich application and service scenarios for users in a connected manner, creating more possibilities for the development of different business models on the B-end.

Under the 3W.com membership mechanism, the terminal member users of B-end users enjoy rich rights and interests, owning a credit card with hybrid identity, hybrid wallet and hybrid payment; linking ecological scenarios such as socialization, payment, game, shopping, asset allocation and transaction through the card identity; as well as enjoying the ownership of assets and equity of the platform, and sharing 100% of the platform's income. Based on this, all eco-participants of the platform will realize cooperation and construction, win-win value and benefit sharing.