3W.com: A Super
Embrace the new era of applications and embark on a journey of endless possibilities.
Mixed Identity
By joining 3W.com, you'll get a free unique 3W domain name. By linking your membership to your personal info, wallet, and credit card, you'll receive a card that combines different identities. This card serves various purposes like financial trust, blockchain, and payments. As a member, you can freely use this card for investing, wealth management, shopping, and authorizing other apps.

3W.com aims to use blockchain technology for convenient and secure payment solutions, offering members comprehensive benefits.
Hybrid Payment
3W.com supports both blockchain wallets and fiat currency wallets. Regardless of whether you're in a web2 or web3 environment, members have the flexibility to choose between these wallets for credit card transactions, based on their preferences.

With legitimate payment licenses, the 3W platform ensures legal protection for members' assets, guaranteeing security. By leveraging the decentralized and secure nature of blockchain technology, 3W.com offers convenient and secure payment solutions. Whether you need financial trust, asset trading, or global payments, our platform delivers reliable services.
Mixed Assets
3W.com offers multi-currency blockchain wallets and fiat asset wallets. Members can securely store different types of assets, including cryptocurrencies, derivatives, foreign exchange, and securities investments, in their wallet accounts. The wallet design prioritizes flexibility, allowing members to enjoy asset circulation and trading.

On the 3W.com platform, members can conveniently manage and trade cryptocurrencies and derivatives. Additionally, they can integrate foreign exchange and securities investments into their wallets for comprehensive asset management. This enables easy portfolio management, as members can buy, sell, or transfer assets at their convenience.
Web3 Social
3W.com is dedicated to creating a decentralized social network that enables members to expand their connections within the web3 environment. Unlike the traditional web2 model, user-generated data is considered intangible assets and is supported by blockchain technology. Instead of being stored centrally on a single server, member data is distributed on the blockchain, ensuring security and privacy.

Additionally, the 3W.com platform integrates a Dapp browser, allowing members to easily access various web3 products and services with a single sign-on. This maximizes the social identity of the 3W platform and empowers members to actively build their social network. The decentralized nature of web3 social networking ensures a more secure, liberated, and interconnected social experience for members.
Global Trading
3W.com is dedicated to creating a global exchange in the fields of financial trust, blockchain, and payments to meet a wide range of trading needs. Our exchange goes beyond spot trading and cryptocurrency derivatives, extending to encompass securities trading and other various types of transactions. By combining advanced blockchain technology and payment solutions, we aim to provide users with a secure, efficient, and convenient trading experience.

3W.com will offer tailored services for different types of members, providing worldwide market coverage to ensure that members can engage in multiple asset transactions on a unified platform. Together, we will shape the future development of financial trading and create lasting value for our members.
Trust Account
As a leader in the financial trust, blockchain, and payment industry, the 3W.com platform has partnered with licensed trust institutions to provide a one-stop asset trust and stock trading platform for 3W.com members. The goal is to help members increase the value of their assets through fair competition. By leveraging the advantages of blockchain technology, trust and transparency are integrated into the trust process, providing members with diversified trust products to meet different investment objectives and risk preferences.

With a foundation of fair competition, we believe that the 3W.com platform will be an ideal choice for members to achieve asset appreciation.